Road to M4 : M4 Party

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Dec 08

Road to M4 : M4 Pass Benefits & Event Schedules.


Road to M4 : M4 Party

M4 Pass
(Stuff players can get if they purchased the M4 Pass)

•Skin M4 Beatrix "Light Chaser"
•Skin PRIME Beatrix "Stellar Brilliance"
• Exclusive M4 Spawn & Recall effects
•Graffiti M4
• Exclusive M4 Emote

For players who leveled their Pass up to level 150, they will receive an exclusive Beatrix figure
(Similar to M3's Roger Prime skin Figure)

Schedule Pass M4 : 20 December - 22 January
. Pass Tasks
. Exclusive M4 Rank Booster

20 December - 5 January
. Corner Entrance M4

26 December - 15 January
Declaration of M4 Champion

1 - 22 January
. Exclusive M4 Log-in Tasks and Gifts

To commemorate the Grand Final M4 on January 15, players can log in after the Grand Final and send a special M4 message in the conversation and congratulate the winner, also get an exchange coupon to get the M4 avatar frame.

16 - 20 January
. M4 Sunday Party

16 - 22 January
. M4 Champion Bonus

21 January
. The Best Part of M4 Event!!!

. Players enjoy the week of M4 by completing the tasks to get a random bonus points every time

. The points are used to level up the wonderful Battle Night Chest.

Battle Night Chest can only be opened on 21 January 2023 (Remember that!)

By opening the Battle Night Chest Players will get a skin OF THEIR CHOICES such as
. Alu's Child Of The Fall
. Lesley's Stellaris Ghost
. Akai's Imperial Assassin
. Gatot's Sentinel
. Alice's Wizardry Teacher

Devs has all right to change some stuff before M4 starts.

And of course there will be more of "Gud Stuff" when M4 finally begun👹


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