ESL SMC Week 1 Standings ⚔

Dec 06

The first week of the ESL Snapdragon Mobile Challenge recently ended, and let's check out some of the teams' performance. FYI, the first week consisted of 3 matchdays and 6 matches each day where each group/team played 4 matches.

🇹🇭 Thailand showing amazing domination as 4 of 5 teams are situated in the Top 4 after 12 matches played 😱 What is interesting is that 🇲🇾 SEM9 from Malaysia is at 5th place - currently the best MSP team in the charts 🤩 🇻🇳 Vietnam and 🇮🇩 Indonesia teams are showing moderate performance as they are situated towards the middle of the pack.

Other MSP teams such as 🇲🇾 Expand is doing quite okay in 9th as they weren't able to finish strong in most matches. Unfortunate for 🇲🇾 Axis, 🇲🇾 Farang and 🇵🇭 Anxiety as their games have not gone in their favour and are currently towards the bottom 6.

What do you think will happen in Week 2? Will SEM9 continue their consistent performance, or other MSP teams will rise up? Or; will teams from other nations bite back strong? Action resumes Dec 8th - 10th!

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