Telur Mata Cup Final Results 🥚🏆

Dec 05

The final qualifier circuit for new Malaysian amateur teams; the 2022 PUBG Mobile Telur Mata Cup (TMC) has closed its curtains yesterday. Let's check out the overall standings 📊

Biggest congrats to Anti-Circle (AC), one of the most prominent and veteran team in the local scene - for emerging victorious in the second edition of the PMTMC 👏🏻
During the first day, The Gringos Esports were the ones dominating the charts at they were consistent in Top 3 in all 3 games then but fell off hard in the second half. As for AC, they were nowhere to be seen towards the top in the first day but their comeback in the second day proved that they are still worthy to be a strong team all around. They, and team MPX Redline have earned their slots to the 2022 PMNC MY (because AE Glazer, The Gringos Esports and IL BOH have already qualified through 2022 PMCT).

RM50,000 of prizepool was shared among these 16 finalists, and AC of course retrieved the most which are RM20,000! AC's SuperBoi was nominated as the tournament MVP and earned another RM2,000 🔥

What an insane 2 days and 6 matches of Finals it has been... TMC has been a third-party PUBG Mobile tournament that has proven to be a pinnacle towards new amateur and semi-pro teams and hoping that it will return next year! Next up is the 2022 PMNC Malaysia in which I will be covering later today so stay tuned!

(Photo Source: eGG Network)

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