[PMGC] Think Twice!

Dec 04 · Moderator

Very very unexpected results yielded in on the First day of LCQ! All of my prediction went out in the air and those I thought qualified by fluke just spring up higher than ever!

DRS is a total surprise for me to see on Top as it is not the same DRS that were in the last PMGC, those players had went with Skylightz Gaming (which lost in survival stages).

A7 with their performance in global stages dropping every season is now doing absolutely good in the LCQ! IHC,iNCO and TiTan is also playing the game consistently every match.

But Bigetron Red Aliens....the former world champion...is actually tied with TiTan for the fifth spot, with on a chicken dinner acquired by TiTan separating them. Are they finally on track to finally returns into PMGC Finals after missing it last year?

Do tell who's your favourite in this tournament to qualify into the Finals. I'm still hoping Reject can go into the finals

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