Floryn’s maximum CDR healing build!

Dec 04

Everyone of us mostly see a support use a tank build because they have to be the punching bag of the team when there’s no tank. However, when there’s a bulky exp laner/jungler, supports can have more space to build healing items

Most supports, expecially floryn’s healing benefits from the magic power of the hero. I would like to recommend this build for floryn users to try. its damage may be quite low but it has the maximum cooldown reduction (45%) and healing ability.

I choose fleeting time because it allowed the ulti to reduce 30% cd after killing 1 person. After that is enchanted talisman because it can increase the capped cdr to 45%. Oracle for increasing the healing bonus and bloodwings for its high magic power stat for her healing scale.

I played the game with a bulky exp laner, fredrinn. he took most of the damage and died in the process but our saber can deal the maximum damage to everyone and i csn guve him the best heal ever. Luckily my teammate didnt blame me for using this build LMAO.

However, if theres not any bulky exp laner/jungler, or your team is so squishy, using this build is not a good choice because the enemy can wreck you before you can even heal your team.

What do you think about my build? Any other thoughts? please comment and let me know

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