Snapdragon Mobile Challenge⚔️

Dec 02

Heads up, it's time for another Free Fire esports event ⚔
Presenting the ESL Snapdragon Mobile Challenge (ESL SMC)! A total of 18 teams (3 from each region; ID, TH, VN & MSP) + 6 invited teams will battle for the championship and a total prizepool of $300,000 USD 💰🤩

The event will begin with the Group Stage that starts today and will run for about 4 weeks, with a total of 12 matchdays (6 matches each day). An interesting twist to the format for this event is that the Top 6 teams after the first 6 matchdays (halfway through) will immediately advance to the Grand Finals, whereas another 6 teams will qualify after the whole of 12 matchdays. The Group Stage offers an big amount $100,000 USD of prizepool and will be awarded at the end of the final week based on the teams' final placements.

As for the Grand Finals, it will be held as an offline (LAN) event in Jakarta in February 2023! 12 teams from the Group Stage will compete for a huge prizepool of $200,000 USD in this stage and the championship crown!

Here are the groupings for the Group Stage! From the MSP region, they are Expand, Farang Esports, Axis Esports, SEM9 and Anxiety! Be sure to give them your support and hope they can advance to the Challenge Finals🔥

(Photos: ESL Malaysia / ESL Asia)

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