New Solo Trick PUBG Mobile 2.3 Update

Aleena Zafar
Dec 02

I am sharing Military Base trick which is very useful trick which helps you in solo vs duo/Squad and it is also very helpful especially in last zone.

As we see numbers of water tank in military base go to water tanks (2 water tanks in a row) which are near broken airplane.

To reach on the top of these water tank you just need a cycle and football power.

Place the cycle near water tanks as shown in screenshot.

Convert your character in to football and move the ball backwards to hit the cycle at the speed of 40 or 40 plus press jump when hit the cycle.

Now ball will be in air again press jump when you are in air again press jump and move towards the water tanks.

When you are in air do not press exit otherwise you will killed.

Now you have a vary good height advantage as well as a good cover.

Hope you like this trick. Share your thoughts

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