GameSir X2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controller

Nov 28

Design of the X2 Pro controller has been well thought out with perfectly placed buttons that are easy to reach. The broader chassis accommodates wider Android phones and should be futureproof for coming years.
The device is powered by the connected smartphone which means space has been saved and drastically reduces weight and bulkiness. A handy USB-C port allows the mobile to be charged during game play.

The controller feels sleek and incorporates a grippy material on the back which requires little effort to hold which means you can fully concentrate on the action. I particularly like the tactile function of the D-pad especially when playing retro titles.
Inclusion of Hall Effect analogue triggers gives the same precision as an Xbox console controller and sets the device apart from similar products. Other than playing on a smaller smartphone screen it’s hard to distinguish between the two experiences and this is the biggest compliment I can give.
Two additional programmable rear buttons provide personal customisation that comes in handy when playing games with multiple repetitive actions. Assigning a manoeuvre or skill to the button can save valuable time during play.

Would you cop this controller for pubg mobile?

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