New season on Advance server🎉🎉🎉

Frenzy Official
Nov 26

Season 27 has started on Advance server and this is some of the exquisite collectibles we can get for Free as season ending gift from devs - I said Free but there is still some task we need to do to get it👹👇

Barats War Chief (Skin) > Reach at least Master on rank in Season 26

Argus Winged Nightmare (Skin) > Play 20 RANK matches in the new season

Hanabi Crimson Beyond (Avatar Border) > Play 200 RANK matches in the new season

Upcoming season 27's theme is
Scarlet Shadow

Revamped Hanabi will be on the Spotlight for the season

⚠️ On Official Server, Season 26 (current season) will be ending on December 30th.

Rank mode will be unavailable to be played on 4 PM (Southeast Asia) Until 6 PM on the same day December 30th.


Barats's War Chief

Argus's Winged Nightmare

The Crimson Beyond Avatar Border

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