Miramar Map Guide

Nov 24

Miramar is a Mexican-themed setting. The land area of this 8 x 8 km map is 80.59 percent.

Popular zones have more player activity, which means they can have better gear or easier access to vehicles. Although the quality of the equipment is lower in less populated places, this gives newer players a chance to get used to the landscape and get a feel for the game.

Fun fact, Miramar is the 2nd playable map for BATTLEGROUNDS. Initially slated to be a 4x4 km map,and now, Miramar is a 8x8km city-centric map with an open desert plain and rural areas.

El Pozo - El Pozo can be a risky play, especially if it is within close distance to the plane’s path, but it can easily set you up for an amazing game. It’s the second largest city on the map and, as you would expect, houses a lot of loot.  

The boxing ring is a place many like to drop, so unless you fancy your chances early game the better bet is to try and land further into the city and loot you way through some of the larger buildings. Then pick off the survivors from the boxing ring. Be wary of anyone who drops with you, because it is relatively easy to move around El Pozo while remaining in cover and unseen.
There are more than enough vehicle spawns here to almost guarantee you one if needed, and while its location isn’t the most central, it’s quite rare that the circle will push you to leave early, unlike some of the locations on the very outskirts of the map. 

Water Treatment -Water Treatment may look like a terrible place to land, but it actually has a very high amount of good quality loot, and is in a great location to end up near the first circle, if not in it. However, now more people know how great Water Treatment can be, so it’s also quite a popular drop. 
On a good day this can kit out a full squad of four, but you will have to take down whoever lands with you with the limited loot you land on. There really isn’t that much solid cover in Water Treatment, and even the areas that you can hide behind allow for easy flanks. Combine that with a lot of the loot locations leaving you very exposed and you're often stuck with what you land on until you take out the competition. 
The main two buildings are solid shouts, but the real loot can be found around the pipes in the middle. You will be exposed, but with tons of individual loot spawns in that area it should be easy to drop onto a solid weapon. 

Los Leones - Los Leones is the largest city in all of PUBG by a long shot, and with it comes a variety of looting opportunities - you should never leave Los Leones without two fully equipped weapons of your choosing. This, of course, draws a large number of people to the area, but the sheer vastness of Los Leones provides plenty of cover and space to loot in, so if you play intelligently, you can avoid early-game fights entirely.
If you don't want to go into the city, there is a line of warehouse buildings that runs from North to South along the entire West side of the city. Land here and make your way through all of the large structures; you should be able to get solid loot in a short amount of time and with little resistance.
Vehicles are likewise not an issue, as there are more spawns than you could possibly utilise, and there are numerous ways to get out of the city if one road is closed. Outside of the popularity, the only big drawback is that some of the buildings or construction sites give little loot and require a long time to explore. Stick to the finished structures and you should be alright.

Hacienda del Patrón- If you are new to Miramar there really seems like no good reason to drop on Hacienda del Patrón. It’s a tiny location, with little in the way of buildings and it’s right next to the much bigger town of San Martin. But drop there once and you'll understand that the loot available here is unlike any other on the map. 
Head towards the villa towards the North of Hacienda and you will be greeted with more loot than any one person can carry. It'll easily kit out a squad of four, nine times out of 10, and chances are you'll walk out with at least a couple of silenced weapons and as many level two helmets and vests and you could need. 
This kind of loot of course brings with it a lot of foes, who you will have to defeat to walk out with the riches Hacienda has to offer, and vehicles are not guaranteed. But it is very central, and often in the first circle, so you’ll have time to win some fights and loot everything there is.

Pecado- Go to Pecado if you want to lose or get a lot of practise in early game fights. This tiny village is smack dab in the middle of the map, accessible from almost every plane path, and has essentially become Miramar's version of School. You come here, get a gun, and go battle right immediately.
The boxing ring and casino are the two main attractions, and both yield solid treasure, but 90% of the time, Pecado is all about grabbing what you can when you land and making the best of it. If you want to survive, the other buildings on the West side can be good possibilities, but that's not really buying into the enjoyment of Pecado.
If, by some miracle, you make it out of Pecado alive and with solid loot, which you will have because you'll be able to loot approximately 10 different bodies once the dust settles, you should be fine. However, even for the finest players, escaping Pecado is an uncommon occurrence.

Valle del Mar- Valle del Mar is a risky play, not because of the amount of people that go there, which is usually low, or because of questionable loot, which is quite high, but because of its location. Sitting on the South coast it’s the most almost as far West as you can go. There are a few vehicle spawns, especially around the bridge, but sometimes you might not get a vehicles and that is basically game over. 
If you get a plane path that allows it then Valle del Mar can be a good shout. It has solid loot, is rarely a busy location and sits on the water, meaning you can make rotations via the waves if you want to. But you have to be ready to move early if the circle is not kind. 
While it’s much less of a viable strategy than on Erangle, you an bridge camp here to get a few easy kills. It of course depends on the plane route, but with southern planes you can certainly rack up a couple of kills this way. 

Chumacera- Chumacera is odd. It seems big on the map, but only has enough treasure for one team. It's rare for numerous individuals to drop here unless they're near to the plane, so it's a safe drop for non-combatants. This can be a game-winning drop if it's not under the plane.

Loot is modest, but if you're alone you can get a big haul if you clear out the smaller buildings on the perimeter. Starting on the lower side of town is usually better than going for the high ground with the big sheds.

Even though the town is unimpressive, there are vehicle spawns and smaller compounds nearby, making this a versatile drop.

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