Bolt Action Kar98 Rifle Enhancement in update 2.3.0 | PUBGM.

Rendang daging26
Nov 20

In Pubg mobile 2.3 there is improvement and enhancement in damage and attachments.we can discuss and Elaborate all aspects I'm details
✓ Damage increased from
79 to 82.
✓ Bullet speed increased
from 760 m/s to 859m/s.
✓ Bolt action speed increased and firing interval
reduced by 30%

Attachment improvement:
✓ Compensator (Snipers):
When we use compensator weapon effective range increased by 10% and also bullet spread reduced by 10%.

✓Flash Hider (Snipers):
When we use sniper Flash hider Bullet spread reduced by 5%.

✓Cheek Pad:
Bullet spread reduced by 10% and Bullet spread reduced by 10% when scope is fixed.

What's your opinion about these improvements?
share your feedback Thank you.

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