I can really play a wanwan until I collapse.

molan is coming
Nov 18

Wanwan's ult damage is really low now.
Let me do a little comparison:

If the Wanwan's ult damage can kill the shooter, then you will say the damage is too high.You will say to nerf wanwan.

If Wanwan's ult is not enough to kill mm, then this ult is a bit expensive,

Try to think about it, if we want ult to be on mm, then we must stack passive on mm!
And at this time, as long as wanwan is slightly interrupted/disturbed, wanwan will die.
And if the passive is stacked on mm, then mm should not be full of blood, so killing him is not a matter of course?

so?Do you still think Wanwan is very strong?

Just like this round, although the equipment is at full level, but they can't beat Karrie.

If it is said that Karrie has physical defense equipment, so I can't kill her, then you are wrong! If it's a problem with equipment, then why don't other mms have a physical defense? And I still bought the case of physical penetration.
This round can be said to be very angry. When Wanwan was cut so badly, he still said that Wanwan was not hurt and mocked me! Wanwan cut it so badly, Karrie even bought a physical defense, so I won't hurt him if I hit him!
In the end I traded mvp for Wanwan's powerlessness after being nerfed...

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