Wanwan can no longer play after nerfing...

molan is coming
Nov 18

If you think wanwan is still very strong, then you are very prejudiced against wanwan!
Let me talk about wanwan's weakness today! Let you know how to kill wanwan when you play rank next time!

First of all, let’s talk about the official design of ml. When Wanwan stacks the passive, he can use the release control to undo the passive of Wanwan.

Next is the way for heroes to restrain wanwan! First of all, when you face wanwan, you can play estes, haya, miya,balmon,clint,layla,lesley,nata,Lolita,karrie,zhask,minsitthar,ling,fanny ,alu,kagura,chou,argus,diggy,valir,kadita,phoveus,aulus,edith,aamon,fredrinn.
These heroes can restrain Wanwan perfectly, especially chou, kagura, zhask, minsitthar, phoveus. They can completely restrain Wanwan without being counter-killed at all :)

The next thing is that high burst damage can instantly evaporate Wanwan. In addition to high damage, chain control is also possible. For example, badang/tagrile. Next is the ult of hayapusa, as long as it is opened on wanwan, wanwan will definitely die (.In the case that wanwan did not buy the natural wind.)

Wanwan's damage is no longer enough, now even Wanwan and Karrie have lost very badly against Wanwan. And there is also a piece of equipment called "Natural Wind", which can completely resolve Wanwan's ult.

Who said Wanwan is particularly powerful? As long as wanwan is a little behind economically, he will not be harmed at all!
You pity the Wanwan player, and leave me a way to survive! planner! ! ! ! ! !

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