Gusion Dimension Walker review

Nov 17

Gusion Dimension Walker's survey and skill effects.

Dimension Walker's final design is a combination of both of it's survey designs.

Theme : Blood Red Phantom

I voted for this design cuz GS never had a skin with no real head so surely this design is unique in its own way.

Theme : Dimension Messenger

"I have arrived, the dimensional emissary"

Idle animation

"Been searching for my brother across all dimensions"

"Someone called me a Duke in one of those dimension"

"Where's my home? Oh, it's in dimension 1561

Love it! Thanks to developers for such a fantastic skin.

Totally worth every single dias spend 💯
Price : 7000 dias (can be lowered using daily discount & event coupon)

Actually because it is an exchange skin and the event itself contains other skins, emotes and other stuff so getting the amount of exchange items needed is actually based on luck so the total price could be lower or higher than the price I mentioned.

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