Glacier themed Attachment in Update 2.3.0 in Pubg Mobile

Rendang daging26
Nov 16

PUBGM mobile added a new feature in gun Lab 🧪 related to Attachment of m416 Glacier theme.

This is good news for those players, who have M416 glaciers skin. In the next upcoming update we see M416 Galicer in new look after Upgraded Attachment . After a 4 year there comes a glacier attachments of M416 glacier themed available in few days with next update.

•》 Muzzle
•》 Scope
•》 Magzine
•》 Forgrip
•》 Stock
These upgraded glacier themed attachments increase the beauty of the glacier. After this glacier is most favourable Gun .

Share your feedback related to this edition in gun Lab.
Thanks you.

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