Daily Topic | What's your favourite drop spot in Sanhok?

Rendang daging26
Nov 14

My three favourite drop spots in Sanhok Map 🗾 are.
✓ Bootcamp:
During Rush game play and for glutches.I want to land on this location because at this location almost half a lobby comes over there.At this location we experience Do or die situation due to intense fight.
✓Ha Tinh:
During rank push I want to prefer this spot because mostly circle shifted on this spot.There is advantage of water from two sides and get kills from water during enemy rotations.
✓Camp Bravo:
This location is near two hotdrops that's why there is a low chance of the enemy.There is lots of loot is available and also we can camp there because there are too many houses and also bots are come over there.
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