Top 3 Sniper Rifles in PUBGM

Nov 13

Keeping with the theme of my last post, here are the top three sniper weapons I enjoy using in PUBGM!

Sniper Rifles: AWM

The AWM is the strongest weapon in PUBG Mobile and the greatest sniper rifle. Any enemy on the battlefield, regardless of what level of helmet they are wearing, can be killed with a single headshot.

The AWM is a popular weapon due to its high damage output, but one drawback is that it can only be obtained by an airdrop. Another drawback is that it's not a particularly effective close-range weapon, while it's still deadly at longer distances.
When compared to the other sniper rifles in the game, this one has the longest range, but it also has the longest reload and animation times.

Sniper Rifles: M24
A gamer using this gun is guaranteed to go insane and it can be found across the map. In comparison to KAR98K, its range and damage are significantly greater, making it the latter's superior variant.
The gun has a damage range of 79 which is higher than the Kar98. You can bet on this sniper rifle and it will not disappoint you.

Sniper Rifles: KAR98K

A strong competitor to M24 is KAR98K. M24 has a larger damage cap, but Kar98K may be obtained considerably faster. His inclusion in the game significantly increased its popularity.

When compared to the M24 and the AWM, this gun's range comes in third. In addition, this firearm has excellent recoil.

However, the Kar98k is still the greatest sniper rifle in the game despite its damage. To further increase its capabilities, players can mount a quality scope on it.

What are your favourite Sniper Rifles on the list? Please leave a comment down below!

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