p18c vs skorpion comparison

Kaya toast4887
Nov 12

This Pistol has a fairly low base damage. But the mag can hold 17-25 bullets per load. Moreover, this gun offers a full-auto firing mode to make its DPS higher. You should always carry it in the gun slot to survive when your primary and secondary weapons run out of ammo.

This is the best pistol in PUBG Mobile that can be used as a submachine gun. This pistol has many advantages, such as a fully automatic firing mode, a large ammunition capacity, and more attachment slots.

You can use foregrip to make it more stable and reliable. The Scorpion also has a slot for an extended magazine to increase the number of rounds per load from 20 to 40.

In addition, you can also install a holographic sight/red dot, silencer, and stock. The Scorpion's maximum effective range is 500 meters. Therefore, it is more useful in the first zone and the last zone. You can use it as a secondary weapon in close combat in PUBG Mobile.

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