MOUZ eliminate Cloud9 – will face Outsiders in semifinals

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Nov 11

The IEM Rio Major playoffs are currently underway at the Jeunesse Arena in Brazil with thousands of fans in attendance. Cloud9 and MOUZ faced each other in the second quarterfinal of the day with a semifinal slot at stake. The Cloud9 vs MOUZ matchup had one clear crowd favorite: MOUZ, but Cloud9 were here to play.

While Cloud9 (3-0) had a relatively easy route through to the semifinals, MOUZ (3-2) barely scraped through. However, coming into the playoffs, it was still anyone’s game. 

Cloud9 vs MOUZ draft

Check out the match’s map-wise score here.

The first map – Inferno – saw Cloud9 off to a strong start. The CS: GO Major winning experience of Hobbit shone through as they were often able to shut down MOUZ’s attempts to take on the A bombsite. Hobbit would oftne get multiple kills and create a numeric advantage for Cloud9.

MOUZ won the first four rounds, but Cloud9 managed to win 9 of the next 11 rounds, clearly dominating the gun rounds. MOUZ snuck in 2 rounds with the 10th and the 12 round, but it was not enough. Even so, a 9-6 lead on the CT side did not mean Cloud9 were safe. A 9-6 half is quite common on Inferno.

On their T side, Cloud9 won the pistol round, and the subsequent two rounds. A 12-6 lead meant there was little room for error for MOUZ and they were simply unable to prevent Cloud9 from getting on to the bombsites. Even on the rounds that they lost, Cloud9 quite often managed to get a bomb plant.

The CS: GO Major currently underway at the Arena had a somewhat lukewarm attendance during Map 1. Most of the fans were outside at the GauLes fan fest which saw the Brazilian streamer put up a spectacular show. However, fans trickled into the arena to view the Cloud9 vs MOUZ match.

Overpass was always supposed to be Cloud-favored, especially with it being their map of choice. The former Gambit roster has always favored this map, particularly because of their quick rotations and ability to pressure the opponents.

But Overpass is a CT-favored map and MOUZ started on the CT side. They marched off to an 8-1 score, taking a clear lead over their opponents. However, some impressive clutches by the Cloud9 members ensured that Cloud9 got the score to a respectable 5-10 first half.

When MOUZ won the first four rounds in the second half, things looked dire for Cloud9. MOUZ raced off to a 14-5 lead, clearly the favorites to win the map. However, Cloud9 mounted a fabulous comeback, one that saw them bring them back all the way to 11.

Ultimately, the few pistol rounds on the second half of Overpass proved too costly for Cloud9 as they ultimately lost the map 16-11.

As we moved to Ancient, Cloud9 were still reeling from the Overpass loss. Overpass is one of their strongest maps and their 11-match win streak on Overpass was broken at IEM Rio Major quarterfinals. However, as we head into Ancient, it was a brand new map, and still Cluod9 are a strong team.

Cloud9 won the pistol round and followed it up with four more round victories. But once MOUZ got settled and got their best weapons (full-buys) there was no stopping the MOUZ roster. MOUZ won the next 8 rounds in a row before Cloud9 finally managed to bring back a few rounds of their own.

But once the teams changed sides, there was no stopping the MOUZ defense. They lost just two rounds and one of them was a pistol round.

With 57 kills across three maps, Frozen was clearly the most impactful player on the MOUZ roster. He had a 1.17 rating. But dexter and Xertion were also right up there with 53 kills apiece. The Cloud9 roster that we saw today, should have taken Map 2, but they dropped the ball and then Mouz took the win.

With this victory MOUZ move ahead at the IEM Rio Major. They will face Outsiders in the semifinals. This win also means Degster is the 4th Australian to ever touch a CSGO Major semifinals. Meanwhile, Cloud9 exit the tournament in the 5-8th place.

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