Nov 09

Big 3

The Big 3 is a group of heroes that received the most amazing buff in this season on Advance Server and by so they have the highest chance to conquer the Land of Dawn upon their release in official server.

Aulus is one of the Big 3 And most importantly he is the No.1 hero of this group!

His amazing buff is that the changes made to his passive and skills.

His 1st skill now can work by just tapping on it rather than holding the skill button. It works like Zilong's Ult but with Damage Reduction from all attacks from front.

His passive enhanced basic atk is stronger in early game because it now has base Damage.

The extra atk spd gain from his 2nd skill is buffed into 200%

And his Ult now slows enemies who dare to walk on it by 90% for 0.5s

You know how strong a Complete Aulus is isn't it? Imagine that plus Zilong's Ult, Damage Reduction, higher Atk Spd and higher Slow on his Ult.

Now that is something to be cautious about 👹

This is the Big 3's no.1 and I am here to warn you about him before he simply slaughter you in the Land of Dawn.


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