Nov 09

Big 3

The Big 3 is a group of heroes that received the most amazing buff in this season on Advance Server and by so they have the highest chance to conquer the Land of Dawn upon their release in official server.

Martis is one of the Big 3

His amazing buff is that he will get additional Physical Attack that scales with his lvl whenever his passive Stack reach maximum
(4 stacks)

From 10 points up to 150 Physical Attack points!!!

Remember that Blade of Despair's Physical Attack is 160.
The fact is Martis can get 150 Physical Attack points just by stacking his passive without buying any damage items is just straight insane!!!

Before this Martis will only get extra Atk Spd whenever he stack his passive but now! Whoa!!
Now he will also enjoy not just extra atk spd but that insane amount of Physical Attack buff as well.

Not forgetting that his 2nd skill's 1st phase can be used to dash through thin walls too.

Man!! Laning,Jungling and freaking Roaming will be a lot more bloody fun with this savage "Ashura King"

Well Martis is No. 2 most powerful hero in the Big 3
So expect a more monstrous hero to be on the No.1 throne 👹


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