The 3 best heroes to counter Atlas in Mobile Legends

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Nov 09

Ever since he was released in 2020, Atlas has become a popular tank meta hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and a mainstay on the drafts of pro teams in the competitive scene. 

This has inspired more MLBB players to learn and master this hero, both in Classic and Ranked mode.

This hero’s most appreciated skill is his ultimate, Fatal Links. By using this ability, he can hard crowd control many opposing heroes and throw them into his team mates.

His other skills also have crowd control effects, and the key reason why opponents find it difficult to play against him.

However, there is no hero who doesn’t have a counter in Mobile Legends. Here are several options for you to choose from:

As a fighter hero with high damage and resistances, Chou can be a great choice, both in avoiding and fighting against Atlas.

In this case, Shunpo, Chou’s second skill, provides immunity to crowd control, which is effective against Atlas’ abilities.

Apart from Shunpo, the knock-up and knock-back effects of Chou’s first and third skills can also make it difficult for him to initiate.

Even though she doesn’t deal much damage, Nana can be an effective counter by making it tough for Atlas to initiate when she utilizes Molina Smooch.

When locked onto him, he will lose a few seconds of momentum to initiate. It can also stop him altogether from saving his team mates because he would be transformed into a little rabbit with low mobility, and denied from activating any skills.

The last hero is possibly the most effective choice to face Atlas. Valir is a mage who is a fan favorite among players at all skill levels because his abilities are very useful in one-on-one situations and in teamfights.

This is because Valir’s ultimate skill, Vengeance Flame, cleanses him from all crowd control effects.

In addition, Valir’s other ranged skills, Burst Fireball and Searing Torrent, will cause Atlas players to think carefully before initiating a teamfight — or risk being burned down to death.

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