M16A4 Vs Mk47 Mutant Weapon Comparison

Kaya toast4887
Nov 07

both M16A4 and Mk47 Mutant are a number of the most underrated weapons in PUBG mobile. we could compare which is better.

M16A4 uses 5.56mm ammo at the same time as Mk47 Mutant uses 7.62mm ammo. therefore, their records are very special. even though they're a number of the worst guns in PUBG cellular
the base harm of Mk47 Mutant is higher than M16A4. In specific, The headshot damage factor of Mk47 is 110.1 while it is ninety four in M16A4. except, the chest harm point of Mutant is forty seven.9 while it is forty.nine in M16A4. the bottom damage to the arms and legs of Mk47 is likewise better. therefore, you need fewer bullets to finish enemies with Mk47 Mutant.

because it makes use of bigger bullets, MK47 has higher draw back than M16A4. The vertical balk of Mk47 almost doubles the vertical cringe of M16A4. therefore, it is more difficult to maintain the crosshair stable whilst you tap consecutively within the burst mode. you may without problems sense that the barrel of Mk47 certain a lot whilst you faucet at excessive velocity

You need to best use these Semi-AR while you cannot loot any complete-auto AR for your place after touchdown. in case you locate each Mk47 and M16A4, choose up Mk47 and try and manipulate the gun draw back. This 7.sixty two semi-AR MK47 is extra powerful than M16A4 in near combat.
Which gun do you think is better?

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