New Upcoming weapon in Honey Badger- AR in PUBGM.

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Nov 05

In Pubg Mobile new upcoming 2.3 update there is a new gun Honey Badger- AR is coming in this Update.

This weapon is counted in AR weapons.We can discuss this weapon Feature with Advantages.

In Honey Badger- AR you can use different attachments to make the weapon stable and more powerful that will increase the capacity of bullets from 30 to 40 or 50 rounds.Compensator, Flash hider and suppressor is used as attachment and also all type scope is fixed on this weapon except 8x.

This is Available in new mode in Update 2.3 at Erangle Map.

✓ Damage:
The Honey Badger is a highly damage weapon due 7.62mm bullets. At any range before nineteen meters, the Honey Badger will deal base 42 damage, Target 🎯 get down in a three shot kill, or a two shot kill if both shots hit the head.

✓ Capacity:
This weapons have the Capacity of 30 to 40 or 50 bullets in one magazine.

✓ Recoil
Mostly 7.62mm bullets weapons has high recoil but this weapon has points available to adjust attachment help to reduce recoil.

✓ Firing Mode
This weapon have the two types of single mode and Auto mode.

According to the given information what do you think about this weapon?
Share your feedback Thank you.

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