P90 and MK12 Review - PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Nov 05

Category: DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle)

Fire Rate: Semi Automatic - Only single fire

Round Capacity: 20 (30 with extended magazine)

Ammo Type: 5.56

The Mk12 is a gun which falls in the DMR category. It uses 5.56 ammunition and has a large magazine for a DMR. The gun has one of the lowest recoils in the game and feels incredibly smooth when firing. This means that the micro adjustments that you have to make when firing shots is much lower than many other DMR weapons in the game. While low recoil is general balanced with lower damage, the Mk-12 has a very decent damage statistic.
It will accept attachments from assault rifles and snipers as all DMRs do. It also has a built in stand like the QBU, which lowers recoil when prone. A 4x or 6x scope works best and the gun is meant to be used in mid-long range engagements.
It is certainly a gun that has a lot of potential and is worth carrying at all stages of the game. You will need to support it with a secondary fully automatic weapon, but such is standard in almost all loadouts. Since it is only available in Livik, which itself is a smaller map.

Category: Submachine gun

Fire Rate: Fully Automatic

Round Capacity: 50 (No magazine attachments)

Ammo Type: 9 mm

The P90 is an excellent close combat weapon and is a good option for those who like the high fire rate of weapons such as the micro Uzi. However, the gun has a very noticeable recoil to compensate for its insanely high fire rate. The ideal way to use the weapon is in the close quarters. The large magazine size makes it really good when clearing buildings and prefiring corners and it is also great in 1v1 situations where having 50 bullets can be a nightmare for the enemy to deal with. However, the reload time for the weapon is quite high so remember to keep an eye on things.
The gun has slots for sights, muzzles and grips and will use SMG attachments. However it does not have a magazine attachment as it already comes with 50 bullets.

In my opinion P90 is the best gun as compared to MK12 because it have large number of bullet capacity.

What you think which one is best? Share your thoughts.

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