Farewell Bravo

Nov 02 · Moderator

Oh boy, the transfer window is getting crazier each day, this time it's Bravo the one that's leaving SEM9 after being with the team for a while.

Bravo was loaned to FRG Guerilla the last season and performed underwhelmingly with his former teammate, Stoned. This probably one of the cause of why Bravo leaving the Team.

The second reason might just be his other role, assistant coach. The last week of the SEA League is when we saw both Bravo and Draxx comeback to the team as Assistant coach and Analyst respectively. And with the players in SEM9 is crowded enough, it might be why Bravo leaving the team first.

I hope that Bravo will find a better team to pursue his career, maybe the one with OTG?😳

PS,SEM9 said it was a hard decision putting Bravo away but I seriously doubt that😓

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