Camparison between Vector and Uzi .

Malik hanzla
Nov 02


The vector , with its low recoil and average damage is most useful in close to mid - Range combat .

•√ Basic damage is 31

•√ Magazine capacity has been 19 bullets and with an extended mag 33 bullets.

•√ The initial bullet speed is 350 m/s

••√ The Micro Uzi has had its stock removed, the magazine shortened, and the
barrel reduced to almost pistol length. This results in a more compact, reduction in accuracy and range.

••√ Magazine capacity has been 24 bullets and with an extended 33 bullets.

••√ Uzi basic damage is 26.
Initial Bullet Speed 350 m/s
The fire rate of Uzi is 0.048

*•√ Which gun do you think is the best and why?

•# My suggestion

vector is best weapon for close and mid Range because vector damage high from uzi

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