PUBG X HollywoodBob collaboration

Aleena Zafar
Nov 01

The much-awaited special HollywoodBob-themed bundle is available on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC and consoles. Over the years, in-game collaboration with famous internet personalities and celebrity franchises has been welcomed wholeheartedly by players. The developers strive hard to strike partnerships that will soar the likeness among gamers, the latest HollywoodBob bundle stands witness.
HollywoodBob is a well-known Internet personality and a professional PUBG player. He is also a recognized Twitch streamer and has been streaming on Twitch since 2017. He is also known for streaming with Ninja, Shroud, and others for charity events. The streamer was elated to announce that PUBG collaborated with him to finally introduce the brand-new HollywoodBob Bundle in the game.
The PUBG X HollywoodBob collab skins were made available on PC and console from October 25, 2022. The entire bundle contains outfit skins, weapon skins, and exclusive spray. Players will be able to obtain this bundle by spending real money. The bundle also consists of three items that must be purchased separately including the HollywoodBob Sweatshirt, Leggings, and Mosin Nagant. The skin pack details of the HollywoodBob bundle with its price are mentioned below.

🔸HollywoodBob Bundle: $13.49
🔸Contains outfit skins, weapon skin, and exclusive spray.
🔸HollywoodBob’s Sweatshirt: $4.99
🔸HollywoodBob’s Leggings: $4.99
🔸HollywoodBob’s Mosin Nagant: $9.99
The sales period for the exclusive bundle is given below.

🔸For PC – Oct 25, 7 PM PT – Jan 17, 6 PM PT
🔸For Console – Oct 25, 9 PM PT – Jan 17, 8 PM PT

Players can show their support for their favorite streamer by purchasing the HollywoodBob-themed items and flaunting the same on the battleground. Also, players can now get spooky cosmetics as part of PUBG’s ongoing horror survival game Halloween-themed event created in association with Dead by Daylight.
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