PUBG Mobile M416 VS Groza - Which assault rifle is better?

Aleena Zafar
Oct 29

We will now compare two of the more popular weapons in the game - the M416 and the Groza, to determine which is the better choice.
#1 Power:
When it comes to this section, the Groza is one of the most powerful assault rifles in the game. It is capable of knocking down or killing an enemy player with just 2 headshots and one body shot. In PUBG Mobile, the Groza uses the heavier 7.62 mm ammunition, which dishes out additional damage in comparison. The M416 assault rifle deals reduced damage because its 5.56 mm ammunition.
#2 Firing Speed:
In the firing speed segment, the Groza is one of the best weapons in the PUBG Mobile armory. It takes just 2.4 seconds to empty one of its clip containing 30 bullets. On the other hand, the M416 assault rifle take 2.76 seconds to perform the same task.
#3 Recoil:
Here, the M416 runs away as an easy winner with its unbelievable stability with mid to long-range sprays. A player can use a 4x or 6x scope for spotting and killing enemies across various distances in the game. Groza isn't a stable gun by any stretch of the imagination in PUBG Mobile.
#4 Capacity:
We have a tie in this section, as both weapons carry 30 bullets on pickup in the game. After that, player can equip an extended magazine to increase this capacity to 40 bullets per round.
#5 Availability and Mode of Fire:
The M416 assault rifle is available across all the maps in the game. For equipping a Groza though, players will need to loot an airdrop, or kill an enemy player who has already got their hands on this largely overpowered gun.

Both assault rifles come with single and automatics modes of fire in PUBG Mobile.
#5Final Verdict:
On considering all the points, we can conclude that the Groza is an assault rifle made for players who love to stay in front of their team. It's high fire rate and extra damage per bullet make it the perfect close-range weapon. The M416 has more availability than the Groza though, and is a much more stable weapon for mid-range to long-range battles in PUBG Mobile.
What you think? Are you agree with me?

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