Mini14 vs SKS in PUBG Mobile: Which DMR is better and why?

Aleena Zafar
Oct 29

we discuss some of the major differences between Mini14 and SKS and try to find out which one is a better weapon in PUBG Mobile.
#1 Power:
In this category, SKS overshadows the Mini14 with its superior damage per hit. The SKS uses 7.62mm ammunition, whereas Mini14 uses 5.56mm. In PUBG Mobile, Mini14 has a base damage of 46 hit points, and SKS deals 53 hitpoints per shot. So, SKS is the clear winner in the damage criteria.
#2 Capacity:
The Mini14 takes the lead in the segment over the SKS rifle. There are initially ten bullets in SKS and twenty bullets in the Mini14 rifle. On equipping an extended magazine, the capacity of Mini14 expands from 20 to 30 ammo, and for SKS, it is 20 bullets per round.
#3 Attachments:
A player can use up to four attachments in the SKS rifle. The best attachments for an SKS rifle are a compensator, vertical grip, extended quickdraw magazine, and a stock.

In Mini14, there is space for two external attachable types to be equipped. The recommended attachments for Mini14 are a suppressor to gain more stealth and an extended quickdraw magazine to boost the ammunition capacity.

#4 Firing Speed:
Here, Mini 14 tops SKS with its better firing speed. The SKS rifle has an initial bullet speed of 800m/s, whereas Mini14 comes with an initial bullet speed of 990m/s. So, Mini 14 has a better firing rate, and you will be able to shoot more bullets with it than SKS in a combat situation.

#5 Recoil and Modes of Fire:
The Mini14 has lesser recoil, whereas SKS has difficult recoil control. If you are using a DMR rifle in PUBG Mobile and have problems controlling recoil in weapons, always go for Mini14.

Both weapons have only a single mode of fire in the game.

#6 Final Verdict:
In Mini14, a player gets less recoil and more ammo capacity. And in SKS, there is more damage per hit and better firing speed. If you can control the high recoil in SKS, it is worth trying in the game.

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