Why every Mobile Legends EXP laner should make the effort to master Esmerlda

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Oct 27

Esmeralda has been one of the staple picks since the laning system in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was implemented, commonly played in the EXP lane.

At the time of writing, the Astrologer is one of the 25 most picked heroes in Legend rank and above, sporting a great 50.58% win rate based on MLBB stats.

She is even more popular in the professional scene. The mage-tank hero was the top pick in the regular season of MPL Indonesia Season 10, selected 92 times. In the MPL Philippines, she is the second-most picked hero used in 77 games.

If you love playing the EXP laner role in Mobile Legends, here are three compelling reasons why you should pick Esmeralda and master her.

Esmeralda is solid against most offlaners due to her ability to absorb the enemy’s shield while. At the same time, her damage ignores all shield effects thanks to her passive Starmoon Casket.

The interaction between Frostmoon Shield (Skill 1) and Stardust Dance (Skill 2) allows her to poke her opponent out of the lane. That’s why you should buy Enchanted Talisman as the first core item so that you can use this skill combo more frequently.

If going up against strong counters such as Dyrroth or Thamuz, you can play her defensively by utilizing the shield and movement speed bonus from her first skill. These abilities help her escape enemy ganks, which in turn creates space for allies.

Make sure to choose the Purify battle spell when there are multiple crowd control abilities on the opposing team.

After upgrading boots and buying Enchanted Talisman, Esmeralda can adjust her item build based on what the team needs. You can consider buying Oracle, which increases shield effects, Dominance Ice, Immortality, and Blade Armor. Alternatively, buy Brute Force Breastplate if you need to serve as a front liner in team fights. Be sure to use the Support emblem and Avarice talent for this build.

If you have to be one of the damage dealers, you can build Calamity Reaper, Holy Crystal, and Ice Queen Wand, and balance the build out with defensive items such as Brute Force Breastplate or Oracle. Choose the Mage emblem and Mystery Shop talent to maximize this build.

Esmeralda is not just strong in the laning stage but also in mid to late game when team fights break out and important objectives are being contested. With enough items, she can tank damage in clashes or jump onto the enemy heroes in the backline using the Falling Starmoon.

When playing around one of the biggest objectives of the game, the Lord, she can choose to shove lanes and run back to the pit when needed using the movement speed bonus from Frostmoon Shield.

Flanking is another option, where she disrupts the formation of the opposing squad. She can also check for enemies hiding in the bushes and push them away while the team is securing Lord.

In sieging turrets, the presence of Esmeralda on the frontline allows the marksman to freely hit the buildings.

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