M249 vs MG3 Which gun is better in PUBG Mobile ?

Aleena Zafar
Oct 24

Here in today’s post, I will show you the pros and cons of both the LMG. Also, we will discuss all small and big details about both weapons. So let’s start the comparison between M249 and MG3.
M249: On M249 you can attach a magazine that will increase the capacity of the gun from 75 bullets per round to 150 bullets per round. Also, you can attach a scope upto 6x and a tact stock which will make your M249 stable while firing.
MG3: You can only use one attachment which is the scope(upto 6X) on this gun.
M249: Available almost everywhere on the map.
MG3: Only availible through air-drops for the time being it is available in Gear Front Mode strange tawar crates.
M249:Base damage is 45
MG3: Base damage is 40 but firing speed is too much so it knocks the opponent easily.
M249: 75 bullets which can get increased upto 150 using mag.
MG3: 75 bullets per round.
M249: While comparing to other guns which use 5.56 the recoils is too less.
MG3: Lesser recoil compares to M249 and other guns.
🔸Firing Mode
M249: You can use this gun as Auto mode.
MG3: You can fire bullets from 660rpm and 990rpm
🔸Bullet Speed
M249: 915m/s
MG3: 820m/s
🔸Damage Per Second
M249: 500 HP/s
MG3:440 to 660 HP/s (depend on mode which you are using)

At last, i would like to conclude that in my comparison M249 wins this battle just because it is available very easily on the map and it holds more bullets compare to MG3. Yes, there is something that MG3 is good at but overall we can say M249 is the better option.
What are your opinions please share in the comment section.
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