PSG.LGD survive Beastcoast scare in an intense 3 game series

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Oct 24

The Chinese powerhouse took on Beastcoast in the lower bracket round of TI11. PSG.LGD did come out on top in the 3 game series, but not without some damage. Beastcoast really made PSG.LGD work for their win throughout all 3 games. Although with the elimination of Beastcoast from TI11, we have to say goodbye to the SA team. However PSG.LGD will continue their run and face off against Aster.

The majority of TI11 games have been straight 2 – 0’s. However, since yesterday there have been a couple 3 game series and the TI11 Beastcoast and PSG.LGD series continues to break the norm. Although fans root for their team, its always a great time seeing a series go the full 3 games. The close series went the full length, and PSG.LGD continues their lower bracket run and will face off against Aster.

Game 1 of PSG.LGD and Beastcoast was a one of the best at TI11 to say the least. The chinese titans were the favorites heading into the match, however Beastcoast defied the odds. The game started out pretty even, but as soon as 35 minutes hit th ere was constant fighting on both sides. With Beastcoast fighting around Chromospheres while LGD fought around Rolling Thunder and Tombstone. After Beastcoast secured mega creeps, the game was thought to be over.

But in a amazing team fight from PSG.LGD around the mid river, they wiped the farmed Faceless Void on Beastcoast. In most cases, especially after getting mega creep-ed, teams run down mid to even the disadvantage. But the issue was there were creeps already hitting the ancient of PSG.LGD, and Beastcoast capialized on the siege. In the hypest moment of game 1, Beastcoast rushed to PSG.LGD’s base and ended game 1.

Game 2 of the Beastcoast and PSG.LGD TI11 lower bracket series introduced a Axe pick to the surprise of casters and analysts alike. However the pick wasn’t situation based and was planned. According to PSG.LGD’s coach, the pick is Faith Bian’s best hero. Coach Xiao8 was not wrong one bit as Faith Bian’s Axe ran rampant during game 2. With a 10 minute blink dagger, he shut down both K1 and Chris Luck and won PSG.LGD game 2.

You can check out the full stat breakdown of the TI11 Beastcoast vs PSG.LGD series here. Unfortunately, Beastcoast has been eliminated from TI11, but with their loss PSG.LGD can continue their TI11 playoffs run. For more dota 2 content and TI11 coverage, stay tuned to

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