SEA Finals Day 3 Report

Oct 23

The 2022 PMPL SEA Championship Fall has finally closed its curtains, and we have our grand champions;

Biggest congratulations to The Infinity for taking home the SEA trophy this time around 🏆 Up to date, The Infinity is the only team that has lifted the SEA trophy TWICE🔥

Now let's check out the overall Finals standings. INF won with 243 points and behind them was Buriram with a last-minute push with 234 points. Coming in 3rd is FaZe with 217 points, quite unfortunate for them as they were so close to beat INF but the last game ruined their chances of doing so. As a whole summary of the 🇲🇾Malaysian teams' performances, YALL did absolutely outstanding to take Top 5 (even though they were able to contest for champion but the last game took a whole u-turn on them), then Geek Fam made their small comeback towards the second half to push themselves from the dead bottom towards the middle part of the standings whereas 4Rivals had a downfall trend throughout. But we are still proud of all 3 of our Malaysian representatives for putting up fights throughout but managed to finish Top 10.

🇹🇭Thailand still dominated throughout as the other 4 teams of 6 were able to claim the seats to PMGC, and finished Top 4 as well. And look at that, nOOzy was crowned the FMVP of the whole championship. Very well deserved as this man brought outstanding performances🔥

Congratulations to all teams once again, next up is the 2022 PUBG Mobile Global Championship, starting mid-November ⚔

(Photos: PUBG Mobile Esports)

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