PMPL AM Championship 2022 Fall Day3

Kaya toast4887
Oct 23

After Day 3 of PMPL Am League has officiall Finished .It was not a straightforward battle for all group as all of them are similarly as good and competing against the most excellent in AM championship 2022.

INCO GAMING is Play exceptionally well. On Day 1 They are on 4 position and day 2 they are on 2nd position Now They are on Top 1 Position.They too on beat after day 3 They got 209 Points in day 3 Conclusion .

My favorite Team ALPHA 7 ESPORTS carried out additionally very well recreation on day 3 however they've on 2d spot with 197 points .

Influence chemin Team properly on day 3 play good gane they do 2 Chicken Dinner at the end of day 3 they are on 3rd position with points182.

To make matters greater exciting, the top three teams will make it to PMGC 2022 League stage!
it's NOW OR in no way!

Which team is qualify?
Tell in Below in Comments.Thanks

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