It's so late, have you slept yet?

molan is coming
Oct 23

Some people ask me what I'm doing so late.
Then show you what I'm doing at night!
Most of the time I'm editing the video for Sunday's YouTube release. Of course, sometimes you can leave a comment below my video! Every piece of your information will become my driving force! thank you
The next step is to research what topics can be shared in 1play, just like this picture of mine is part of the previous post!
The next step is to study the new content. These are all content in the experience server. The official server has not been changed, so please look forward to it!
Then take a photo :) Always have fat hands, don't mind it :)

Everyone knows what you can do if you stay up all night~ So don't stay up late, everyone, go to bed, stay up all night hurts your liver and you will become bald :)

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