PMPL Day 2 Overall Standings

Malik hanzla
Oct 22

After Day 2 of blood and tears, PMPL EUP League has officiall Ended .It was not an easy fight for all team as all of them are equally as good and competing against the best in Europe championship.

Fire flux Esports is performed very well and got 142 points at the end of the second day still standing on Top first 🥇 position.

Fire flux eSports don't have chicken on the second day but still gripped on the top one.

They had 12 points lead from the 2nd second position team. Overall ranking point are 130

Madbulls also performed very well .Madbulls have also done Children 1.
chicken.They have very close points to first position there is a very small difference of 12 points between the top portion team.

In overall Ranking are on 2 position still standing on second position same as in first week rank.

HVVP team come to the top three they jump from 6 position with excellent improvement with Excellent game play.

Their overall ranking point 112 if they improve in next week they can beat the top 2 teams.

* Top 3 will qualify What is your opinion Which team is qualify? for pmgc.

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