BetBoom, Soniqs and Talon join TSM in TI elimination list

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Oct 21

With The International 2022’s group stage coming to a close, the first 4 teams have been eliminated from the event. In a 3 way tie for 10th place, TSM, Betboom and Soniqs have all been eliminated with a final score of 5 – 13 in the TI11 group stage. Despite each team having solid performances prior to the International, for one reason or another they couldn’t make it past the group stage.

In a Boom battle, the Russian Dota 2 squad had to face up against the SEA team Boom Esports. The intense Best of 1 match was explosive to say the least. The game went on for a solid 50 minutes, and Daxak’s Divine Rapier on Sniper couldn’t carry Betboom past the insane lead that Boom Esports had.

Like TSM, Betboom couldn’t win any of their series against the group of death. With only draws and loses, Betboom also died for 10th alongside TSM. However, their elimination match was a highlight worthy one, with plenty of great plays and moments. So, one might say that Betboom did go off with a Boom against Boom Esports at TI11.

Following their North American brethren, Soniqs also were eliminated from TI11. After fighting through the open qualifiers, Soniqs made it to the big stage. But in their way stood the group of death, group A.

The group had some of the top Dota teams in the world, and each match was a fearsome one. Although Soniqs did have a win under their belt against Boom Esports and ties against PSG LGD and Liquid, the remaining losses couldn’t save Soniqs.

Knowing Soniqs and their players, however, this is a minor setback and they’ll be back stronger than ever. Now however, EG is the last remaining North American team at the International, and so all of NA’s hopes lie with them.

In the last series of day 4 of the group stage, Talon lost 2 – 0 against Entity. Joining the ranks of Betboom, Soniqs and TSM, Talon are the 4th team to be eliminated from TI11. In back to back 50 minute games, Talon couldn’t come out on top. Both games featured the rising star Pudge, where in game 1 Talon couldn’t capitalize on its strength while in game 2, Entity showed Talon how its done. Although previously, Talon won their series against Entity, they couldn’t repeat their success.

With any kind of big tournament, there is only one winner. Its the nature of tournaments that not all teams can win. But we can only hope that they come back to the International next year, stronger than ever. You can watch the stream for the International 2022 here. For more Dota 2 and TI11 coverage, stay tuned to

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