TI11 Day 3: EG qualifies for Upper Bracket and BOOM Esports hangs by a thread

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Oct 21

Day three of The International 11 (TI11 )has wrapped up and the final standings of the Group Stage are quickly coming into view. This TI has been absolutely thrilling to watch so far with constant surprises and upsets. The heavily underestimated Evil Geniuses became the first team to qualify for the Upper Bracket Playoffs. Meanwhile, BOOM Esports nears elimination and Group B is still pretty chaotic.

Here are TI11 Group Stage Standings after day three.

To be frank, nobody expected Evil Geniuses to put on such a dominant performance. The North American team came to TI with a terrible 2022 LAN record – placing bottom in both ESL One Stockholm and PGL Arlington Major. But during the first 3 days of TI11, we saw the old, triumphant EG come back to life.

The team has won 7 series and only lost 1 against Team Liquid. They are currently on top of Group A with a 14-2 scoreline. EG’s final opponent will be BOOM Esports – who in contrast to EG, are struggling at the bottom of the group.

Southeast Asian (SEA) teams are not doing well at the tournament right now. BOOM Esports, which gained its global recognition when it won Gamers Galaxy Dubai, crashed and burned at TI11. The team hasn’t earned a single series win so far, accumulating 3 draws and 5 losses. On top of the already rough situation, tomorrow BOOM will have to play Group A’s top dog, EG.

Is BOOM Esports eliminated from TI11? No. There are chances where BOOM Esports can hop on a tiebreaker to make it out of elimination – but the chances are incredibly slim.

Unlike Group A, nothing is quite certain in Group B yet. So far, Tundra Esports leads the standings with an impressive 10-4 score. Team Aster and Team Secret trail behind and surprisingly, Thunder Awaken also barges into the Upper Bracket zone. Defending champions, Team Spirit looked shaky on the third day, with a draw and a series loss – now risking a Lower Bracket run.

TSM and Talon Esports, on the other hand, had a rough start to TI11. With a 4-10 score, both teams sat at the bottom of Group B.

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