Secret Location in Erangel Map

Aleena Zafar
Oct 20

I am sharing a secret location of Erangel map this location is near Gatka Recall

Firstly, you must climb onto the top roof of the house

Step1: Enter the house.

Step2: Go close the Window.

Step3: without clicking the joystick Click the ledge grab and push the joystick backward.

Step4: Climb on the tower and move slowly forward.

Step5: face toward the house and jump on the house roof.

You can also camp on the top roof of the house and kills enemies. It was just a trick to climb onto the top roof and now move towards our secret location

Near the tower, there is a tree which is close to the tower where we climbed the top roof.
Step1: There is an invisible branch of a tree so jump on my given mark you will reach an invisible branch

Step2: you can easily kill enemies, and no one sees you easily you can also move close to the tree.

This trick is best for camping. Let me know if you ever tried this trick before and also share your tricks and tips if you have any.

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