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Rendang daging26
Oct 19

The All Talent championship is one of the best platforms in Pubg Mobile to introduce yourself in this glorious Pubg mobile Esports Tournament. 

The All talent championship 🏆 is divided into weekly matches, the semi finals, playoffs, and the final round. Weekly matches are played from week 1 to week 4 and The semifinals, playoffs and finals are played in week 5 and 6.

The minimum tier is required to play this championship sliver five for the initial stage. Teams can get points every week when they participate in weekly matches these points are used in crew shops, to get to redeem in game rewards. These points also work as protection in classic rank matches.

At the start of the match there is the best players scanning system to reduce unfair game play.

There is also Achievement available related to All talent championship 🏆 with unique reward.
Event duration 10/21 to 11/6.
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