[Leaks] Arlott backstory is very Sad😭

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xAJHnXYuKg

As a hybrid of human and demon born to master both dark
and light powers, he grew up in the Barren Lands with
extraordinary fighting skills but no moral compass. He
joined the Abyssal Demons' invasion of the Moniyan
Empire, but eventually, he was stabbed in the back and
thrown away like a waste. As he was dying, a human girl
named Mila (13-14 years old, with a large birthmark on her
face) saved him from the brink of death.

During his time recovering spent with the girl, he grew less
aggressive and cynical, and gradually changed his opinions
about humans.

Influenced by the girl, he slowly developed a moral
compass. He even stood up against demons, saving nearby
residents during a demons' attack in the town.
However, the church deemed the girl a pagan for saving him
and executed her before he could save her. In a fit of
extreme rage, he slaughtered the knights of the church and
left the Lumina City with the girl's body in his arms. He
headed to the borders of the Moniyan Empire and buried the
girl in her homeland.

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