G2 and Evil Geniuses eliminated from Worlds 2022

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Oct 17

G2 Esports and EG see their time at Worlds 2022 come to an end after Day 6 of Worlds 2022 group stage. Both teams failed to get past JD Gaming and DWG KIA to keep their quarter-finals hope alive.

Moreover, while they had the same ending to the event, both teams took different paths to the Worlds group stage. G2 automatically qualified after finishing second in the LEC playoffs. Meanwhile EG had a rough start in the Play-In stage with a loss to Fnatic but quickly turned things around in their remaining games. They eventually qualified for the Worlds main stage after a clean sweep against MAD Lions in the Play-Ins knockout.

Despite Group A tagged by many as the ‘group of death’, Group B also fetured LCK and LPL titans. While JDG had not won any Worlds title, they were the reigining LPL champions and enjoyed previous regional success. Moreover, DWG KIA also looked very powerful with Nuguri back in top lane.

EG began the group stage with a 0-3 record while G2 managed to get one win against EG. With both teams at the bottom of the table, they needed to win at least two of their games in the second week.

Just like their NA counterparts in day 4, EG spoiled G2’s hopes of increasing their win record at Worlds. Their win against G2 granted them their first victory in the Worlds group stage but also decreased both of their chances.

EG lost the following game to JDG and the same happened to G2 against DWG KIA. While G2 and EG put up a fight in Group B, they failed to really trouble the eastern teams in the end.

With this result, JDG and DWG KIA advance to the Worlds 2022 quarterfinals. They will join T1 and EDG in the fight for a spot in the semi-finals soon.

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