Pubg mobile Account Security improvement | Tips

Rendang daging26
Oct 17

In new security update Pubg mobile improved account security system and make some changes in Account security system.

PUBGM mobile divide security system in two different colour of shield 🛡️ Yellow and Green.

In game settings if your account security system is showing Yellow 🟡 colour shield 🛡️ indicat that your system need some improvement in security and your account is unsecured.
If your account security system show green shield 🛡️ it show that you system is fully updated no need to any improvement in your security system, because green shield show that you account is fully secured 🔐
Link 🖇️ your mobile number in your account security system is very effective way to secure your account.

Mostly account hacker due to not link your mobile number give the opportunity to the hacker to hack your account.

Go to your in game settings and check out what is the colour of your account security shield?
Share your feedback Thank you.

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