Best Camping location in severny Erangle Map | Tips & Ticks.

Rendang daging26
Oct 16

This house 🏠 is located in Erangle Map 🗾 in Severny.This house is located near the road side.

Some time after recall enemies come over there for loot and survival purpose can you also kill them.

In last circle ⭕ you at roof you have clear view on all sides of this location then you can kill during rank push. In the last Circle you can also see enemies rotation from this angle.

At this house 🏡 rooftop, four sides covered with small wall 🧱 helps to work as protection for you.During fight you can use this wall 🧱 as cover.
What do you think about this spot being helpful for best game play?

Have you tried this trick? Share your feedback Thank you.

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