Get the TI11 Battle Pass Arcanas cheaper with the Battle Level Bundle

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Oct 15

The TI11 Battle Pass isn’t the easiest or cheapest thing to level up.

Valve released a new Level Bundle for it today, providing a more economical way to reach the level and cosmetics you want. For US$29.99, you get 120 Battle Levels, nine Immortal Treasure I, six Immortal Treasure II, six Ageless Heirlooms Treasures, and six Battle Pass Collection Treasures.

Previously, the same amount of money would’ve only be able to get you the level 50 Battle Pass. Valve touts this as a “75 percent savings on the combined value of the levels and treasures.”

Each customer only can purchase one, unlike in previous years. This means if you’ve so far gone all out by purchasing the level 100 Pass and this bundle, you’ll be at level 220—unlocking the Crystal Maiden Persona, this year’s custom Towers, and be three levels off the Primal Beast prestige item.

Players will still need to grind, or purchase more levels, for the other rewards, including Razor and Faceless Void’s Arcanas, and the Phantom Assassin Persona.

Before we head into the group stage of TI11, Valve has also opened up Fantasy.

The system seems to function similarly to the ones we’ve had throughout the DPC season. Fans set their rosters and earn points depending on how the players performed that day.

Each Fantasy level grants 300 Battle Points as a reward. Reaching four will earn a bonus 300—meaning players will earn 1,500 Battle Points every time they obtain four levels.

With 10 days of competition, this means that even participants will earn at least three Battle Pass levels. Players who get into the top 10 percent every day will get 15 levels for their troubles.

Unlike the normal DPC season, there doesn’t seem to be a bonus Treasure for reaching the fourth Fantasy level.

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