CadiaN’s CS: GO crosshair and viewmodel settings

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Oct 10

As the IGL of Heroic’s CS: GO roster, Casper “cadiaN” Møller has led his team through some tough times. Despite facing criticism from the community, the Heroic players delivered where it mattered the most – in the server. And at the forefront was the team’s IGL, Cadian. Here are CadiaN’s CS: GO crosshair and viewmodel settings.

A player’s CS: GO crosshair depends on multiple factors – including their hardware settings, their habits and past preference. Here are cadiaN’s crosshair settings. 

The viewmodel determines the size of the weapon on your screen. At the highest levels, a difference of a few pixels can mean the difference between a kill and/or a round win. Here are cadiaN’s CS: GO viewmodel settings.

The viewmodel settings can mean a better reflex, adding that one second of early vision. This can impact the outcome of the round and that’s why a lot of pros tend to make changes to their viewmodel settings. 

The bob settings determine the movement of the viewmodel when you are running across the map. A lower bob setting usually means less movement and less distraction during a competitive map. 

Heroic qualified for the IEM Rio Major after a strong finish during the EU RMR events. In the RMR event, Heroic went 3-1 after defeating SAW, Sangal Esports and BIG. 

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