Dupreeh confirms 18th appearance at CS: GO Majors

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Oct 09

The Road to Rio Major is getting narrow. As we head into the final few matches of the RMR matches, we are seeing more and more teams confirming their IEM Rio Major slot. Today, Heroic, OG and Team Vitality booked their presence in Brazil. With today’s victory, Dupreeh has confirmed his presence at IEM Rio Major, his 18th CS: GO Major appearance.

Unlike yesterday where we saw two goliaths in Astralis and G2 esports failing to qualify for the Brazilian Major, today was relatively a 

The first match in the Round 4 High category was Heroic versus BIG and the Danes came out on top. For the Danes, it was a relatively comfortable series with a 2-0 score. Heroic won Mirage (16-11) and Inferno (16-12) to secure their invitation to the IEM Rio Major. 

With 51 kills across the two maps, Martin ‘stavn’ Lund, was dominant in his assertion in the series. The 20-year-old player had a stellar performance.

Mirage saw a strong Heroic start on the CT side, but it still ended with a 9-6 half. However, BIG’s defense was pretty much absent in the second half and Heroic marched ahead with some really aggressive gameplay. A few set strats and BIG’s economy could not really develop for proper buys. And when it did, BIG were out of rounds to develop. 

The first half of Inferno followed a very similar script to Map 1. BIG won the first pistol round in the second half and they managed a small comeback. But as soon as Heroic managed to win a round on their CT side, the team did not relent. Heroic won seven of the next eight rounds to close out the map with a 16-12 score. 

BIG is not yet out and will have an opportunity tomorrow, their last opportunity to go to the IEM Rio Major.

Meanwhile, another superstar team, Team Vitality, has not lost its footing. Dupreeh is now officially in a league of his own, having been present in 18 Majors, including IEM Rio Major.

Team Vitality recently added Spinx from ENCE and they have looked stronger and stronger with each passing day. Their performances at this RMR have highlighted the team’s improving synergy. After all, they never really had a problem with firepower and with improving synergy, they are looking to hit their peak in time for the Major.

Vitality’s only loss in the RMR event was against BIG, but they have more than made up for that loss with a 3-1 score. Taking down an impressive MOUZ in a best-of-three series is no small feat and the nature of the takedown speaks volumes. 

With this victory, Vitality have booked their IEM Rio Major slot. As for MOUZ, they still have another opportunity to secure their slot in the Round 5 match. 

Inferno was one of the most one-sided maps in the RMR with both teams dominating the other on the CT-side. Eventually it came down to which team had the most T rounds, and this time, it was MOUZ. A 13-2 first half went on to become a 15-13 score, but MOUZ won the elusive final round to take a lead in the series.

However, Vitality looked extremely comfortable in the next two maps, forcing MOUZ to fold in under 10 rounds. Mirage ended with a 16-8 and Vertigo ended with a 16-7 score. The usual top-fragger Zywoo ran away in number of kills and performance. He had 71 kills across the three maps with a 93.9 ADR. 

A few days ago, Dupreeh became the only CS: GO pro to have completed more than $2 million in CS: GO prize money.

The final Round 4 High match was between OG and Outsiders. The winner of this map would secure an invite to IEM Rio Major, the loser would be presented with another chance to do so in the next round. 

In a surprising turn of events, Ancient was entirely T-sided for these teams. The lack of cohesion on the CT side and the regular fakes were more than enough to throw the teams off their game. A 5-0 start from Outsiders was quickly eclipsed by OG’s 9 T-side rounds. Once the teams switched sides, Outsiders won 9 rounds straight to reach map point. A few rounds later, they secured the map.

But OG came back. They came back in a very dominating fashion on Dust 2. A 16-5 score meant Dust 2 was a forgettable experience for Outsiders. As is the case with most best-of-three series, Inferno was the decider map. 

Fl1t took Outsiders on to a 9-6 lead in the first half. With 21 kills on Inferno and a 87.8 ADR, Fl1t tried his utmost best to aid Outsiders in their best-of-three series. But OG had Flamez and nexa step up for the roster, clutching crucial rounds and securing the win. F1KU also had his moments throughout the map, often providing the stability and the consistency required for OG to win.

This leaves only six teams in the European RMR B.

Only three will move on to the Major.

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