Primal Beast Prestige Bundle is now available in the Dota 2 Battle pass

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Oct 09

The Primal Beast Prestige Bundle is now available in-game for all Battle Pass owners level 223 and above. With custom animations and effects, the Prestige Bundle packs a punch. 

The bundle modifies Primal Beast’s onslaught ability adding a custom icon and animation. As Primal Beast readies itself to onslaught into the enemy, it glows with a trial of light, a custom ambient effect that looks better in-game than it does as a photo.

The International 2022 Battlepass released in September and has been one of the worst-performing battlepasses till date. With custom towers, wards and some taunts, the battlepass does include some variety this year. However, it also does not include a lot of the features that were commonplace in previous years. The Primal Beast Prestige bundle is available at level 223. PA’s persona is available at level 296 while Crystal Maiden’s at level 148. Needless to say, Dota 2 players hope to get their hands on some of these rewards before TI starts on October 18.

Despite expectations not being super high for anything from the ‘Coming Soon Battle Pass’ Dota 2 players are still used to a certain level of quality. And the Primal Beast Prestige Bundle has received positive feedback so far on social media channels such as Reddit and Twitter. 

“Looked better than I was expecting. Now I no longer have to look at a naked Primal Beast.”

“Looks great in game, I like it! Rare W for this battle pass”

The set looks much better in-game than its images suggest. Primal Beast tilts its horn ever so slightly as it charges ahead. This tilt is highlighted further by the ambient effects surrounding the strength hero.

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