MCPS Grand Finals Halfway Point

Oct 09

Day 1 of the Grand Finals has ended, thus we've reached the halfway point for the MCPS MAJORS S4. This is how the ranking looks like coming into the final day;

(Picture Source: Liquipedia Free Fire)

Despite SEM9 getting the first Booyah yesterday, the matches after were a total disaster for them. Other teams such as Blacklist International and Anxiety are also not performing well as of Day 1.
Furthermore, we can see our Top 2 League leaders are currently at the top, with Geek Fam following right behind. During the League, Geek Fam had the most mixed results of gameplay but seeing them in Top 3 after 8 matches is quite a play from them.

Will AV Radicals break the Malaysian-domination curse today by finishing Top 2 at the end of the Grand Finals and secure a spot to the World Series, or will another Malaysian team displace them in the last minutes of the Grand Finals? Will the bottom teams also make a final comeback today? Stay tuned.

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